Call for Workshops

for 2016 Annual New England Environmental Education Alliance Conference

Environmental educators are part of a diverse group of professionals dedicated to enhancing lifelong learning. It is our collective challenge and honor to increase environmental literacy, encourage love of outdoors, teach meaningful environmental content to youth and adults of all ages and inspire environmental stewards to contribute to healthier, environmentally sustainable communities.  How can we address the large scale challenge of providing relevant environmental education that will inspire change and create solutions to a diverse audience? How can we encourage creative collaborations to expand opportunities?  Join us as we explore what drives individual and collective involvement of environmental action through natural science, psychology, art, advocacy, faith, mindfulness, research, spirituality and media.  Come discover common paths that benefit our world through environmental education.

Request for Proposals

New England Environmental Education Alliance (NEEEA), and Connecticut Outdoor and Environmental Education Association (COEEA) are partnered to present the 2016 Annual New England Regional Conference in Litchfield, CT. This year we will coalesce the visions of environmental education with the ongoing need to provide leadership for communities that affect change in our treatment of resources, education and communication of environmental issues and impacts.  What motivates us to move to action is a dynamic, multidisciplinary systemWe are seeking proposals from the environmental community that communicate this motivation and connection through four strands:

Mindful Action – Pathways from knowledge to attitudes to behavior are complex and require re-solutions.  What works to motivate people emotionally and scientifically to engage in mindful action and personal choices within communities and systems?

Environmental Education Impacts – What new or expanded programs and projects consider a multidisciplinary approach to increase awareness and understanding of climate impacts, phenology and resource use.  How does this lead to mindful action that creates meaningful change in environmental outcomes?

Fueling the Passion – What connects us to our professional and personal missions? How can we best share ways to expand this connection with others and effectively craft our EE message through traditional and emerging methods of communication?

Generational Engagement – What projects and leadership development that focus on social learning and multigenerational approaches create and sustain commitment and more robust stewardship projects?

Proposals are due by 4:00 p.m. on June 20, 2016.

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All applicants will be notified regarding acceptance by email during the first week of July.

We greatly appreciate the valuable time and effort that presenters put into their workshops. We regret that NEEEA cannot offer a discount or honorarium for presenters as the conference operates under a very tight budget, high costs, and serves as NEEEA’s primary source of operating revenue. Scholarship funds will be available for those who request assistance with costs. Presenters will be given priority in the allocation of scholarship funds.  Presenters and co-presenters are expected to register at least for the day of their session.

Please direct all questions to neeearfp@coeea.org.

 SavetheDate NEEEA

Connecticut Outdoor and Environmental Education Association is a network of classroom educators, naturalists, environmental educators, youth leaders, administrators, professors, and students who work toward a future where increasingly:

  • An appreciation for and understanding of the environment is an integral part of all community education – including formal, non-formal, and informal education;
  • Educators, environmental professionals, and the organizations and agencies they represent are well informed and are willing to work together to maximize resources; and
  • People of all ages are environmentally literate and act as environmental stewards.

COEEA serves its members by supporting professional development, providing networking opportunities, and promoting environmental education in Connecticut.

COEEA Fund is a 501 (c) 3 organization. We are also the state affiliate of the New England Environmental Education Alliance and the North American Association for Environmental Education.

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